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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?

Our US offices is located in Dallas, TX, however our specialty team operates out of Guadalajara MX, just 3 hours inland from Puerto Vallarta MX.

How is the staff's English level?

Most of our staff at one time lived in US or studied in English focused schools. The level of English will not be identifiable as any different from what you would encounter day to day throughout the states.

Can you help Spanish speaking contractors?

Yes, as all agents are bilingual, our team can help you operate your business in both English. for customer/carrier/vendor facing and Spanish to communicate better with you if that is your preference.

Do I get a dedicated point of contact?

We work as a team and account managers will be accessible, as each file maybe written or worked by a different individual, by using our portal you will have direct access to those individuals regarding each claim.

Can we visit your offices?

Absolutely, we welcome anyone interested to visit to come by. We only ask that if you come you agree to offer our team a small training for 90 minutes to share from your experience and knowledge.

How experienced is your team?

Our average team member has worked with us for 3 years, all undergo extensive training during onboarding and ongoing training weekly. We provide our team with access to various industry training courses along with some internal courses.

Does your team hold any certificates?

Amongst others, we have 6 Level 3 Xactimate writers, 2 people graduates of the Insurance Busters Boot Camp, 1 member has Haag Residential Certificate but our emphasis is in application not just to flaunt certificates without experiences.

What is the best way to contact you?

Text 623-323-6247 for quickest service, as our team may be on the line with carriers, we will respond quickly most anytime of day. It is also best to use the portal for efficient communication regarding individual claims.

How much is average increase?

We often get 90% of what we write, sharing figures. that sound attractive are misleading as each file can only be increased by what is missed by the carriers and no more. On average carriers miss 15-25% however this varies from file to file.

Will you use and update our CRM

No, we find it more efficient to keep our team focused on the task at hand, and utilizing the same system for every claim, our system. Our system has several automations and efficiencies built in to help our team, expedite your claim and process quicker. You have 24/7 access and full transparency. Note - often we can build automation to help with your CRM - be sure to ask.

What are your hours of service?

Standard we work weekdays 730a-630p CST however hours vary by season and workload. You can reach us 24/7/365 via text or leave a message with our team and we will contact you back within the hour typically.

What information is shared with others?

Only best practices and procedures, for example our script for "on the way" is shared with all contractors, however a customer data, documents, processes otherwise not known or available are ever shared.

Do you argue or negotiate with Carriers?

Absolutely not, our policy is that we do not negotiate policy as a matter a fact we like to say we are ignorant to policy. We do however support and argue construction and what is required for proper replacement.

How long does a claim take to close?

We average 3.5 weeks, however it is important to note each file is unique and may have it's own set of circumstances. We do keep transparent access letting you know each step along the way.



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