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Boss Up Solutions

don't be a little boss...

The Fastest Way to Convert PDF Estimates to Editable ESX's for Professionals

Wasting your valuable time on copying files into Xactimate? Let our team of Certified Professional Xactimate Writers assist you and free up your time to analyze and revise estimates back.

ECOS is Estimation Copy-Over Service for Contractors, Adjusters, and Estimators.

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Another Problem Solved by Boss Up Solutions

Estimate Revision Xactimate PDF ESX

Non-editable Estimates Make Revisions Time Consuming.

Over 55% of the time spent on estimate revisions is consumed by data transfer, time estimators don't have.

ECOS by Boss Up Solutions will convert your files to ESX resulting in a reduction in time spent per project.

convert pdf to editable esx fast

Scoping Jobs and Field Work Takes Time Away From Files.

Entering data while on the go isn't easy, often having to work without a proper workstation or tools.

ECOS by Boss Up Solutions will prep each file for your review, resulting in better use of your time and experience.

3D xactimate sketch

Sketch's Can Be Frustrating and Time Consuming.

Sketches can be cumbersome and thus are often avoided, however, they yield better estimates

ECOS by Boss Up Solutions will provide you with a Sketch, resulting in accurate and dynamic measurements.*

Boss Up Solutions ECOS

Third-Party Providers Are Unskilled and Unreliable.

Outsourced work often results in larger headaches and time consuming, this keeps you from scaling your business.

ECOS by Boss Up Solutions is made up of multiple Xactimate Certified Estimators that understand and only work on estimates, allowing you to take on more workload without the need for further worry.

xactimate level 3 certified trainer Stephen Harmon

Stephen P. Harmon

Scope of Work Estimating Consultant

Construction Building Consultant

Appraiser / Umpire

Independent Insurance Adjuster

Mississippi GC Lic. # R-08513


Level 1-2-3 Xactimate Certified (Subject Matter Expert)

Xactimate Certified Trainer (1 of 45 in the World)

"I had the pleasure of training and working with the staff over at Boss Up Solutions training many of them not only on Xactimate X1, but on the concepts of estimation, deconstruction, and reconstruction, and more. We were able to get 6 of the staff Level 3 Certified, the talent there is incredible and I highly recommend it to anyone in need of simple data entry to full-blown estimation."